Welcome to The Aquilon WikiEdit

Welcome to The Aquilon wiki, a  website intent on archiving each and every aspect of the upcoming novel into an easy-to-use, organized encyclopedia of Ingtandel and its kingdoms, people and religions. This website is edited exclusively by the author and will be updated as more details are released. For now, the only novel in progress is The Aquilon, but a sequel or two may be in order.

The Aquilon: What's inside?Edit

The Aquilon is filled with many different themes and touches on many different subjects. The story focuses on Lydonyé, a young woman who fears her life will be restricted to withint the walls of her clan's ancient family compound or in the holy city of Tua'lan, where she would become a member of the Priest's Watch, a congregation of men and women devoted to the Goddess. Lydonyé's life is transformed when a wild white gryphon crosses her path, changing her destiny forever. Regarded as the revered and holy Gryphonmother, Lydonyé is whisked away to the capitol of Kalos, where she is introduced to the world of Ai'gyran politics and royalty. Yet her new position of power has not only given her loyal followers but dangerous and powerful enemies, including a man from a dark kingdom in the east whose sole duty is to destroy everything and everyone in his path.

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